The ONLY way to display your authographed Drum Heads !!

How We Got Started

It all started when i got my first autographed drum head in the early 1980's. I had just a nail on the wall and hung the head on that. No rim or frame to make it look professional. Then, years later, I had collected 4 more signed heads....and i also am a, i thought what if i could make a frame out of a rim from a drum. ( AS pictured on my main page...Slayer was the first head framed.....then i had to finally make it look complete.)  A few years on R & D. And now i have a finished product i think will be around for a very long time. !!

Thanks to my Dad who inspired me to tinker with tools and such, encouraged me to make HEADFRAMEZ. I dedicate this whole design and inspiration to my Dad ! ( R.I.P. My friend )

Easy to insert any drum head according to the appropriate size...14" drum head = 14" head frame

Simple to remove the head to easily clean the frame, then re-insert the head !!